Although the 2020 Summer Games at The College of New Jersey has been cancelled due to COVID-19, its spirit lives on through our incredible athletes, Unified partners, coaches, and volunteers.

Join us in celebrating the Special Olympics spirit in the 2020 Virtual Summer Games! This event was open to everyone and was a fun and safe way to virtually connect with your friends and peers from across the state. All current SONJ athletes, Unified partners, and coaches were invited to train and compete at home in a variety of sport challenges. Registered Young Athletes had the opportunity to engage in multiple sport and educational activities during the Games. Family members, friends, and supporters were encouraged to volunteer as virtual “Fans in the Stands” to cheer on and celebrate all the amazing Virtual Summer Games participants!


This competition is a fun and safe way for athletes, Unified partners and coaches to keep the spirit of Special Olympics New Jersey alive by competing against each other from home! Here’s how it works: 

  1. CHOOSE YOUR ACTIVITIES: Check out all the Bocce, Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Tennis, and Track & Field activities and practice at home.
  2. PRACTICE: You can practice for as many events as you want. Keep track of your scores as you go. A simple pencil and paper will work or you can download this sample activity tracker.
  3. SUBMIT YOUR RESULTS: From June 1 – June 7, you can fill out the forms when you are ready to submit final scores. Submit your best scores for your events. You can also submit a picture or video of yourself practicing to share and possibly be included in the recap video! All final scores are due by Sunday, June 7 by 11:59 p.m.

If you need help or don’t have access to a computer, ask a family member, staff person, or coach to help.

Athletes without access to the internet may still participate in the Virtual Summer Games as long as someone (a coach, family member, caregiver, etc.) is willing and able to safely get them a printable version of the activities and results sheet (PDF). Scores can be recorded on the paper but will need to be submitted online sometime between June 1-7 by someone who has access to the internet. Please print one set of forms per athlete.    

Note: In order to follow social distancing and stay at home orders, you should participate in all Virtual Summer Games activities from the safety of your own home. Members of your household are the only people who should physically help you with the activities, however, virtual interactions with your friends, coaches, and teammates through social media, texts, phone/video calls, or emails are allowed and encouraged!


Coach participation in the 2020 Virtual Summer Games is completely optional, but strongly encouraged! There are several ways for coaches to join in on the fun: 

  1. Compete in the Coach Challenge: A fun and friendly way to “compete” with your fellow coaches and challenge your athletes! Select the sport activities you want to participate in, practice at home, then submit your final results between June 1-7. Coaches will be divisioned and ranked in their own Coach Challenge category at the conclusion of the event.  
  1. Virtual Coaching: Put your coaching skills to use by connecting with your athletes on phone/video calls, or through text, email and social media to help them get involved in the Games, create training plans, and encourage them to stay active!
  1. Fans in the Stands: Join family members, friends, and supporters in cheering on our athletes by registering as “Fans in the Stands” volunteer

Have other questions or need help submitting your results? Contact us at sportsinfo@sonj.org.


We are asking all awesome fans of Special Olympics New Jersey to support our athletes as they compete at home in the 2020 Virtual Summer Games. We want you to be part of this virtual event by sharing photos and videos of you cheering on our athletes, which can be done right away from the comfort of your own home. Make posters, chalk drawings or even virtual high fives. Register now, get creative and have fun!


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